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16" x 24" wrapped canvas acrylic abstract painting.


Each original painting is fashioned with you in mind. God desires to reach inside all of us and at times uses artwork, songs, words, dreams, and emotions to connect with us. My goal with every piece of artwork I create is to co-labor with the Holy Spirit so that when the right person sees what God meant for them, it would reach inside and transform them. 


The word God spoke over this painting was "Embrace" the encouragement I felt lead to share through this is this:


Are you searching for significance? Believing that if you could be anyone but you, you would finally matter? Your life would finally be worthwhile? You've spent a lifetime trying to be better, to be the person you thought others would value. But, you are forgetting one already are significant, you, the real you. The you you've hidden, fearful to fully be yourself. To open yourself up in such a way that you were fully exposed. It's terrifying, isn't it? Did you know the only way to find true significance is to embrace who you were created to be? You are fearfully and wonderfully made! A gift from God, a treasure for the world. You are no mistake. The moment you came into this world, God smiled on you, knowing who He fashioned you to be. Embrace who God created you to be fully, with wonder and open arms. Share your gift with the world, don't be afraid. You have everything you need. Allow your creator to live within you, embrace the gift God gave the world when He chose you! 


Shipping within the United States is included in the price of each original piece. 


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